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Growth of the Fund

The growth of the fund can be attributed to tremendous support in the community. Over 100 local donors have come forward to be part of the development. As the fund grows the community has taken more ‘ownership’ of it in their hearts as well as their pocket book.

Paisley Donaldson, Mayor of Gravenhurst, made the fund her charity of choice in 2011 and the Mayor’s Ball gave the fund a community ‘spotlight’. The support from a Trust in Scotland. significant private donations and the Town Council’s direction of a portion of the Terrance Haight estate to the Endowment Fund has contributed to its credibility within the community.


Contributions as of:

June 30th 2010 $  72,320.00 
June 30th 2011 $109,232.00
June 30th 2012 $549,327.00
September 1st 2012 $780,743.00
December 31st 2012 $810,873.00
December 31st 2013 $967,183.00
December 31st 2014 $967,183.00
December 31st 2015 $1,230,220.00
December 31st 2016 $1,310,676.00
December 31st 2017 $1,412,850.00