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$50,000 Donation to Bursary Fund

Posted on October 11, 2010 by

Rotary Bursary Endowment Fund Donation October 2010

Gravenhurst is one of the lowest income areas in the province many families believe their
children will not have the opportunity to attend a college or university because of their financial
plight. From an early age many children realize there is an expectation of them to gain a higher
education. Regrettably, in some families with lower incomes, the parent’s perception is that any
opportunity to obtain a higher education for one child, let alone two or three, is just not realistic.

The Rotary Club wants to change expectations…by changing perceptions and creating an

The Rotary Club has initiated the process by creating the ‘Rotary Bursary Endowment Fund’ and
making an initial donation of $25,000.00, with a promise of an additional $5,000.00 in each of
the next 5 years. The Rotary Club has also undertaken to act as a catalyst in the development of
this educational Endowment Fund.

Of the 75 students that will graduate from Gravenhurst High School this year, about 20 to 25 will
require financial help that their families are not able to provide.

The bursary’s will be available to students who attended school in Gravenhurst or students living
in Gravenhurst but studying elsewhere such as Catholic students going to school in Orillia or
Bracebridge. It is also available to those adults wishing to upgrade their skills. All studies must
lead to a diploma, degree or certificate to qualify.